Marilyn Perez - 200 RYT
Fishkill, NY

I began my practice with a Beginners Workshop at Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga Studio in New York City in 2003. This was my introduction to Iyengar Yoga, which is heavily alignment based with the use of props. I am so glad I learned about alignment and prop use early on. There was no shortage of yoga studios in NYC and I checked out many of them. I found myself drawn to fast flow vinyasa yoga at Sonic Yoga, Levitate Yoga (closed), as well as diving deeper into spiritual aspects of yoga through meditation and kirtan at Jivamukti Yoga. I liked moving and I liked sweating. My practice was consistent for 6 years until some life changes and health issues surfaced and my yoga mat ended up collecting dust for a few years.

I came back to my yoga mat early 2017. Like NYC, there are many yoga studios in the Hudson Valley. I eased back into it through Gentle Yoga at Two Trees Yoga in Beacon, NY but my body needed more. I built up the nerve to check out Firefly Yoga in Fishkill, NY - it was so close to home! I was intimidated being a Hot Yoga Studio. I am not a Bikram Yoga person and didn’t know anything about Hot Yoga. I learned that Firefly is NOT a Bikram studio but a Baptiste Affiliate Studio. I’ve heard of Baron Baptiste but was not familiar with his “Journey Into Power” sequence. I took my first class and it was a SHOCK to my system! I was in my head the whole time:

This isn’t for me.
It’s okay, at least you tried.
Please don’t pass out.
Just get through this class.
I don’t think I’m coming back.

As I laid in Savasana, I felt such a sense of accomplishment and happiness that I made it through to the end and didn’t die. I was out of it the rest of the day but I couldn’t stop thinking about the class. I had to go back better hydrated. Was it really not for me? Or was I quitting too soon? I went back to Firefly again, and then again, and again and immersed myself into this wonderful and welcoming community. What appealed to me was how open this practice is for everyone despite experience, skill, level, body type. It is more than a physical asana but meditation and inquiry are just as important. It is a whole practice - body, mind, and soul, with a non-judgmental approach.

I received my Yoga Teaching Certification from Firefly Yoga December 2018 and am pursuing 300 HR RYT certification. I currently teach at Firefly Yoga - see my schedule here.

My goal with this website is to share the impact yoga has made in my life and the benefits anyone can gain from having a regular practice.

When I’m not practicing, I nerd out to some Golden Girls, RuPaul's Drag Race, Horror Movies & Pro-Wrestling. I do it all with a cup a coffee in my hand! ☕️

The Baptiste Yoga™ practice and programs are designed to empower you with the focus, training and insight you need to achieve consistent profound results in the most important areas of your life. A potent physical yoga practice, meditation practice and active self inquiry are used as tools of transformation and possibility.