Did You Take Your Vitamins Today? Checking out Care/of Personal Daily Vitamins

I don’t know about you but I am a horrible pill taker. Other than taking Flinstones vitamins when I was little (because I legit liked the way they tasted), I was never good at taking vitamins. I’ve tried multi-vitamins but I always forget to take it - need a pill for memory I guess. The vitamin aisle at the drug store is crazy intimidating, where do I even start?

As I’m approaching my mid-40s, I’m seeing obvious changes in my appearance and feeling the changes even more. I can no longer get away with just trying to eat right and practice yoga. Thinning hair, stiffening bones, less energy but also less sleep, aches and pains are creeping in. I need a little extra help.

Not all Facebook ads go ignored, I saw one for Care/of which caught my eye. They match you with vitamins you need based on the answers you provide in their quiz. They recommend a nice cocktail of vitamins you can order at a reasonable price. And they’re not just figgy-jiggy pills, their recommendations are backed by scientific research and are transparent with where the ingredients are sourced from. They also offer Ayurvedic alternatives, protein powders, and quick sticks for a little extra energy without all the sugar you get with energy drinks.

I took their quiz and was recommended 6 different vitamins:

Magnesium for Sleep
Vitamin D
Ashwagandha - Ayurvedic supplement for muscle tone
American Ginseng for short-term memory
Vitamin B-Complex for hair health
Astaxanthin short-term memory but also an antioxidant and supports heart health

I ordered everything except the Ginseng. I was happy when it arrived because I’m a sucker for thoughtful packaging.

The pills come in a dispenser with individual packets so each day, you grab a packet, read the cute little inspirational quote, and take your vitamins with water.

In case you forget what’s what, they include a little booklet with your vitamins explaining what each are for.


As of this writing, it’s only been a week that I’ve been taking these and I’m already feeling a difference. I’m sleeping better, I don’t feel as tired during the day, and I’m actually remembering to take my vitamins after breakfast each day! You can take the quiz here and let Care/of help you put together a vitamin plan for you.