Did You Take Your Vitamins Today? Checking out Care/of Personal Daily Vitamins

I don’t know about you but I am a horrible pill taker. Other than taking Flinstones vitamins when I was little (because I legit liked the way they tasted), I was never good at taking vitamins. I’ve tried multi-vitamins but I always forget to take it - need a pill for memory I guess. The vitamin aisle at the drug store is crazy intimidating, where do I even start?

As I’m approaching my mid-40s, I’m seeing obvious changes in my appearance and feeling the changes even more. I can no longer get away with just trying to eat right and practice yoga. Thinning hair, stiffening bones, less energy but also less sleep, aches and pains are creeping in. I need a little extra help.

Not all Facebook ads go ignored, I saw one for Care/of which caught my eye. They match you with vitamins you need based on the answers you provide in their quiz. They recommend a nice cocktail of vitamins you can order at a reasonable price. And they’re not just figgy-jiggy pills, their recommendations are backed by scientific research and are transparent with where the ingredients are sourced from. They also offer Ayurvedic alternatives, protein powders, and quick sticks for a little extra energy without all the sugar you get with energy drinks.

I took their quiz and was recommended 6 different vitamins:

Magnesium for Sleep
Vitamin D
Ashwagandha - Ayurvedic supplement for muscle tone
American Ginseng for short-term memory
Vitamin B-Complex for hair health
Astaxanthin short-term memory but also an antioxidant and supports heart health

I ordered everything except the Ginseng. I was happy when it arrived because I’m a sucker for thoughtful packaging.

The pills come in a dispenser with individual packets so each day, you grab a packet, read the cute little inspirational quote, and take your vitamins with water.

In case you forget what’s what, they include a little booklet with your vitamins explaining what each are for.


As of this writing, it’s only been a week that I’ve been taking these and I’m already feeling a difference. I’m sleeping better, I don’t feel as tired during the day, and I’m actually remembering to take my vitamins after breakfast each day! You can take the quiz here and let Care/of help you put together a vitamin plan for you.

Yoga Practice With Some Restraints


It's happened a couple of times at the yoga studio where someone will tell me that they enjoy reading my blog.  I always react the same way - surprised and flattered.  This is genuine shock because I don't update my blog as much as I used to but I guess it's still out there and it makes me happy that people are taking the time out to read a post or two and find something to relate to, regardless of how old it might be.

Embracing vulnerabilities...working with your handicaps - it seems like this has been an ongoing theme that keeps popping up in different places this past week for me.

I had my physical last week. I brought up my lower back issues with my doctor.  It stiffens up if I'm still for a long time or walking really slow for a while - this always happens when I go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It gets especially bad in the middle of night. I could be laying on my back and if my body turns, the pain wakes me up, and it is painful! Waking up is just bad but once I move around and exaggerate my hips when I walk, things loosen up and I feel better.  I have to be mindful going into Savasana at the end of a yoga class because if I’m laying flat for too long, it’s gonna HURT when it comes time to come out of it.

I had x-rays done and learned that I have arthritis from my L4 to S1 which is pretty much the end of my spine to my sacrum, lovely.  I posted this news on Facebook and some people responded like I just announced my death sentence LOL! I'm still doing yoga and exercising and I'm still doing yoga teacher training this Fall.   Nothing is changing that.

The only thing I can really do to relieve myself of this pain is to build my core strength and drop some weight. Easy right?   Not when you hate core work as much as I DO!  I brought this on myself.  I sometimes cheat. I don't "engage my core" as much as I should, I also don't move as much once I'm off the mat - that's the hard part about working from home.  You get your workout in the AM, and then the rest of the day you're on the couch with your laptop, you may occasionally switch to your desk, or sit on the floor using the coffee table, but that't it. So I gotta make a new plan to add more movement to my daily routine.

I'm just glad I don't need to make any changes to my practice. I've already been mindful of my twisting because sometimes I feel like there's a brake keeping me from twisting further, especially if I'm twisting to the right in Triangle Pose (Trikonasana).  I love using a block, I love using a strap, I hate using my core - so that's what I need to do more of! I refuse to let my back get any worse.  I gotta learn to love core or just not hate it so much.  There's always something new to pay attention to.